Feature herringbone wall with sink and vanity of the pink bathroom by Olivehaus Interiors

Before And After: A Pink Bathroom Renovation By OliveHaus Interiors

A subtle dose of pink and geometry in this fun bathroom renovation sets the tone of a new experience for a little girl in Lagos, Nigeria

OliveHaus Interiors, an interior design company in Lagos transformed a once boring bathroom into one that is now stylish and vibrant. The old bathroom once featured a white marble tiled wall, an oval mirror and black bathroom fixtures and fittings. The bathroom belongs to a little girl but lacked in style and features that would indicate this. The bathroom renovation, however, corrected this.

Before look of the bathroom renovation by Olivehaus InteriorsFeature herringbone wall with sink and vanity of the pink bathroom by Olivehaus Interiors

What They Did

The designers planned the space to make it more efficient. The sink remained where it was, while they relocated the WC to share the same area with the shower. The area where the shower was, was reduced to accommodate the newly relocated WC. Removing the WC created a clear approach to the sink and the mirror.

The bathroom was completely retiled. The wall where the sink is attached was retiled with soft pink subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. A vibrant pink wall welcomes you when you enter the space. The designers replaced the once lonely sink has with a stylish sink bowl and a vanity. A rounded rectangular mirror now sits where the former mirror once was, and a stylish pendant light was introduced above the new mirror. This became the accent wall in the bathroom.

The newly tiled floor features a grey checkerboard pattern laid diagonally. This replaced the once dreary-looking tiles with one that is more fun, geometric and timeless. The designers replaced the bathroom fixtures but maintained the black theme. The result is a modern and timeless girls bathroom.

The shower area was kept minimal. The floor and wall were retiled and a shower niche with cove lighting was introduced for additional storage. Opposite the shower is the newly relocated WC. A word art with a black frame hangs over the WC – this aligns with the black theme of the bathroom fixtures.

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