Interior Designers Assocation of Nigeria Announce Young Designers/Student Design Competition

Competition Details
  • Registration: February 14, 2022
  • Submission: February 28, 2022
  • Scope: Concept and Design
  • Prizes: Certificate + Membership
  • Type: Open plan, office, Interior design

The Brief

For this competition, we invite young interior designers and students of interior design, architecture and related fields to look at the concept of a secretariat as a place filled with unique possibilities to forge social, professional and cultural connections.

We invite participants to send us their take on the concept and design of a 50sqm IDAN SECRETARIAT office, set in Lagos. The secretariat provides members and visitors with a place to congregate, talk, learn, and entertain. A secretariat tells the story of not only the association’s brand but also the profession, people and their vision.

In a world of WiFi, tablets, laptops and social media, the culture of visiting secretariat has changed in a significant way but remains just as intriguing a place for deliberation, conversation and networking. From casual meetings, and seminars, to co-working or meetings for business, the secretariat should be a dynamic and irreplaceable place in a modern city.


The competition is open to young designers or student participants in Nigeria to create new concepts and designs for the brie, or upload projects they might have done earlier in their academic or professional careers. We urge designers to unwind back, think through their presentation and submission, and ask if their designs address the above ideas of a befitting national secretariat.

Submission and registration to:

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