5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Dining Table

In this article, originally published on adeline signature home, Folakemi-Taiye Odesola, a designer, and decor coach highlights 5 essential things you need to consider when shopping for a dining table that are sure to be of help when you’re hitting the showrooms.

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A Dining table is more than just furniture. It’s a welcome addition in any home where great food and connection with family is important. It fosters closeness and great conversations because of the sitting arrangement. A dining table can turn a space into a meeting place for business or a place for entertainment and games. Some people boycott its use but eating on a dining has health benefits too. So it’s a good piece to incorporate if you have the space for it.

The most common spaces where you’ll find a dining table are; in a separate dining room, in a shared space with the living room or in the kitchen. Great yards and wide enough balconies and terraces make for great choices too. What you like and what you want matters a lot when choosing a dining table. However, there are some more important things to consider and I’ll share with you.

dining-table-styles1.  STYLE

Except you’re going for a mix and match of styles,  your dining table is best mirroring the style of the space you’re putting it in.  [divider]-[/divider]dining-table-size


How many people are you expecting to use the dining table at a time? Do you entertain a lot? Are you married and with kids or single? What will change about your number in the next 5 years? How often will you use your dining? Think about movement when considering the size of your dining table in relation to the overall floor space you have.[divider]-[/divider]

dining-table-space3. SPACE

The floor space you have for your dining table largely affects its size. Straight edges will work well when you’re tight on space and the curves work well when you’ve got luxury of space. [divider]-[/divider]

naira10004. BUDGET

You may find a dining table that suits your home really well in store if not, a bespoke one that’s made to fit and suit your conditions and tastes can be made for you. [divider]-[/divider]

African American family moving house. Couple (30s) loading or unloading moving van.


Delivery and set up seems unimportant but it is. It actually informs buying decisions a great deal. Ask the store owners if there’s a disassembly and reassembly option if it’s a very large piece. Even small pieces with irregular shapes find it hard to make it through conventional door ways and oh…spiral staircases! [divider]-[/divider]

You can read the full article here.

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