Interiors with a Twist: Vintage Manor House in Bromley (London Calling)

Timelessness, subtlety and elegance – the ingredients that turn this project into reality. The mix between these three ingredients has guided this project, which goal was to create the perfect recipe and turn Bromley into an even more exciting place.

In one moment you’re just walking the streets of London and then: here comes the sun… the sun that Cue design, and Essential Home brings to their client Ktesius through a project full of color and good vibes. These two players worked together to build an amazing collection of, not only houses, but experiences.Georgina Chamberlain, from the CUE Design, was the designer in charge of the project and her goal was to create a timeless and subtle residential home.

A fun CASA to go – the name speaks for himself – is a collection of proprieties with a tropical atmosphere and a mid-century signature. Besides of this time travel to look for inspirations, this design has a contemporary side, which makes the perfect twist.


From this project was born a luxurious place where you can spend some quality time. It is almost like you are living in a tropical Hollywood ambience and, for a moment, you actually forget about the typical London grizzly sky. You can also enjoy some private terraces, gardens and views, but the real magic and the warm feeling is inside. This is the kind of project that makes you imagine how would it be to live there, but it is also the kind that makes you win the 2018 Interior Design Build Award.

All of the products have their own personality and, of course, a propose. They are timeless and subtle, and with influences of the mid-century style they also bring up a contemporary elegance. This is how this modern and tropical living room came to be. Our first stop is next to Ivete Floor Lamp shaped as a palm tree with a square carrara marble base and golden brass leaves. The
lovely Ivete is perfect to bring up a tropical feeling that warms up any grizzled day in London. Its design makes this lighting fixture a perfect decorative piece for a modern living room decorated in clean and soft tones of cream.


Next, let us take a sit on our Collins Dining Chair. Collins brings that posh British style, and is designed with a classic retro chic feel, which comes finely upholstered in red velvet. The backrest is convex, allowing for comfortable seating, and perfect to pair with a circular dining table. This luxury armchair brings a pop of colour,
especially when paired with the exotic birds wall art, which add the spicy look the project was looking for.
Moving on to the dining room, and keeping in mind a luxurious ambience, Collins Bar Chair fits perfectly with the Hollywood vibe. Upholstered in velvet, Collins has glamorous glossy black legs, accented by polished brass details. This project was a really magic journey and experience, and is now is available for you to try and take your own experience from this opportunity.


Around the house you can see A lot of subtle white and pastel hues were used as a juxtaposition for the golden elements, such as the creamy white sofa and the pastel pink accent chairs, which still both boasts stunning golden decorative details. The marble and brass center table is yet another amazing piece that was not left to chance. It is noticeable how it matches the marble and gold-plated palm tree standing lamp on the side of the couch, a signature piece by mid-century inspired brand, Essential Home. Looking around the room we can see gorgeous minimal lighting fixtures, making Ivete lamp by Essential Home an amazing accent piece that stands out from every point in the open plan living room.

As for the color scheme of the dining and kitchen areas, CUE Design’s Georgina Chamberlain went with more solid and classic tones. Here, we can see Essential Home’s Collins dining and bar chairs upholstered in rich beige and teal velvet. To bring it all together we can see a few more gold-plated details peeking around the room, from the feet of the chairs to the amazing pendant lamps above the kitchen island. An amazing private interior design project by CUE Design that comes to show contemporary luxury doesn’t have to mean over cluttered houses. Much on the contrary, here we can see a stunning and luxurious apartment where comfort, usability and attention to details are key to make a house into a home.

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