Energetic Housing: Roxbury E+ TownHouses by ISA

We bring you yet another row house design this time in Boston, U.S.A, and this able to generate more power than it can use. Local firm ISA designed these four, timber framed, 185 sq m rowhouses (or townhouses) to be able to sustainably produce more energy and hot water than their occupants are likely to use.

How? you ask? well lets see… We have roof-mounted solar panels and large windows that maximise natural daylight help to offset energy consumption, providing both electricity and hot water. The taps, shower heads and toilets have a reduced flow designed to minimise water consumption, while gardens are planted with native and drought-tolerant species, intended to further reduce water wastage. High insulation levels including triple-glazed windows contribute to the reduced solar gain, thereby eliminating the need for excess mechanical cooling.

The above mentioned features ensure the envisioned function of the home is attained, but none of them sacrifice aesthetic. Stepped and staggered rectilinear forms add a sense of drama to the sloping site with the mono-pitched roofs sloping away from the street with a two-storey-high inverted bay window, (designed to maximise natural light and ventilation) made prominent on the cladded exterior of the approach elevation. The simple geometric forms, rich exterior cladding and sculptured facade of the rowhouses make for a striking contemporary iteration of the more traditional homes that surround them. A glimpse into what the future of simple, affordable and energy efficient housing design should look like.

Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_3 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_4 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_5 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_1 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_2_1000 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_7_1000 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_6 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_784_0 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_468_5 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_784_3 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_784_1 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_784_5 Roxbury-E-plus-by-ISA_dezeen_784_2

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