A Contemporary Malaysian Container Home by Ken Kwok of Anand Bungalows

In Bukit Tinggi, Pahang is one of the most notable container homes that exemplify the idea. Designed and developed by Ken Kwok of Anand Bungalows, the Malaysian container home consists of six stacked containers- four of which are oriented north and south and two oriented east and west.

The four containers are stacked to create a two-story volume with doors oriented to the north forming partial enclosures for balconies and windows.A double height atrium sits in between the container volumes, allowing for proper ventilation as hot air rises and the windows on opposing sides encourage cross ventilation.

Built on a concrete pier foundation, the 236 sqm home has a light footprint on the surrounding land. The large shed roofs keep sun off the containers and minimize heat gain, while directing rainwater into a large cistern underneath the house. Grey water is recycled and used along with the rainwater in the gardens. Moreover, low flow water fixtures, energy-efficient appliances and natural daylighting help reduce the footprint of the home even further.

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