Jesús Granada

3+2 Social housing in Spain by Antonio Holgado Gomez

This social housing project in Badajoz, Spain designed by Antonio Holgado Gomez featured five houses on two sites seperated by a street. An appreciable slope is an incline of about 4 meters characterizes the site and informs how the buildings were conceived and designed.

As social housing in the region dictates, the usable floor area for each home is about 80 sqm with some of the homes developed on a single level. Sloped roofs and white walls form the general aesthetic of homes, as the rise along the sloping street.

Passive solar design elements such as screen walls and courtyards are seamlessly integrated into the buildings offerings a unique living experience that is both comfortable and efficient. Cross ventilation and natural daylight permeate the core of each of the homes leaving them bright and airy without the aid any mechanical assistance. The form of the building blends well with its surrounding neighbours but carries a distinctive modernity the draws deep from the heritage of the region.

32-social-hsng_07drawings 32-social-hsng_01drawings 32-social-hsng_02drawings

32-social-hsng_01antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_02antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_03antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_04antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_05antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_06antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_07antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_08antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_09antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_10antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_11antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_12antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_13antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_14antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_15antonio-holgado 32-social-hsng_16antonio-holgado

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