These sustainable, carbon negative and fire-resistant Hempcrete blocks may change the way we build homes.

Canadian company, Just BioFiber, says its hempcrete building blocks are sustainable, heat-resistant, humidity-free and made from carbon-negative material. Plus, they can be put together like big Lego blocks.

As reported by cbc news, the company’s hempcrete-based brick combines hempcrete — the wooden core of the hemp plant — with lime and water to create a building block that has the potential to change the way homes are built, in both an environmentally-friendly and user-friendly manner.

“The benefit to hemp is it’s very insulative. It has thermal retention and captures CO2 while it’s growing, [at a rate] four times faster than trees, so it’s a carbon negative material. We’re actually removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it inside these building materials. This improves the indoor air quality for the occupants and regulates humidity so no mould can grow. It’s very warm in winter and it’s cooler in the summertime so it works really well in hot climates, without the need for air conditioning, and same in cold environments. Its fire resistant and does not burn, so it does not contribute to the flame or help it spread.”

Terry Radford, president and CEO of Just BioFiber

Read the full report from cbc news here.

Just BioFiber creates heat-resistant, carbon-negative Hempcrete Blocks.
The green nubs on these hempcrete blocks make them looks like giant Lego pieces, and that’s how they fit together.
The combination of hempcrete and lime is extremely heat resilient

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