Discussing the Design: SanJay Puri speaks on the concept behind his Ishatvam 9 Apartment building in India

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In this video courtesy buildofy, SanJay Puri, of SanJay Puri Architects, offers insights into the thinking, considerations and concepts that led to the award winning design for the Ishatvam 9 Apartment building in India.

Situated in Ranchi, a city in East India, Ishatvam 9 is a residential building on a small plot of 1800 sqm. It was designed in response to the social needs of the residents of the city of its location providing each apartment with 20% open area as extensions to the internal spaces, maximizing on natural light and air with cross ventilation to every room in the house, creating an urban high rise tower that will allow its users the openness of the low rise structures that they have been used to living in.

You can learn more about the building from our previous feature.

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