Top Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Building Your House

Words by Emily Roberts

Building a house is a learning process in of itself. It is often said that you need to build three houses in your lifetime to be able to build your perfect one. However, you still want to get things right each and every time. Here are some of the things you should never forget when you decide to build a house.

Protect the Foundation

The foundation is literally what your house is built on so you want to make sure that it is protected. From water damage to salt corrosion, there are many things which could affect the health of your foundation. Use a high-quality concrete sealer to ensure that certain eroding factors cannot damage your foundation. If the foundation lasts a long time, you have some assurance that the house will too.

Know Where You Want the Sockets

Placing power outlets in rooms is one of those things which can often be left at the wayside. However, in this modern era it is more important than ever to think about where you are going to plug in your beloved electronics. How many sockets do you need? Are you going to be able to rearrange the room’s furniture without covering up them up or blocking them off? These are some of the things you will need to consider.

Storage, Storage, Everywhere

Think you have enough storage? Think again! If there is one thing a house design will never have too much of, it is storage! From walk-in closets to linen cupboards and pantries, you need to think about where you are going to store each and every one of your belongings. You also need to be able to expand into a space too. There is no point in building a house for the stuff you already have. Build a home that you can naturally settle into; even if you are downsizing.

Motion Sensor Lighting

While not ideal in every room (nothing like being half-blinded by a suddenly bright light while you stumble to the loo at 2 AM), motion sensor lighting could be of great use in certain rooms. If you have a pantry or a laundry room, a motion sensor light might be useful here. These are the sorts of rooms which you are likely to head into with your arms full. A motion sensor light saves you having to either reach for the switch without being able to see and allows you to continue about your business as usual.

Lights in the Attic

Got an attic space to store some things in? Don’t forget to light it up! Decent lights in the attic will make the world of difference and will allow you to investigate up there whenever you want to. Make sure that the light switch is in the hall below so you never have to head up the ladder into darkness and you are good to go! Building a house is a fun and rewarding experience. Make sure you don’t leave something crucial out of your build!

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