DIY: Making String Lanterns and Lampshades

I recently came across a very interesting DIY project that is fairly easy to craft and offers really nice, professional looking results. I’m talking about DIY string lanterns.

These lanterns offer a textured, contemporary form and style that would fit well in any room or space. When done properly, they rival any lanterns or lampshades that you would find in your local electrical store, plus they’re much cheaper.

In the video above, popular you-tuber Dana Willard, puts us through how to go about making these attractive fittings. Basic supplies you’ll need to get this done include:

  • 1 Large bouncy ball or large Balloon (You can buy these from your local party shop)
  • 2  Balls of cotton twine or yarn (can be any preferred colour)
  • Gloves (because it can get messy)
  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Medium sized container to hold the glue

Here’s another really great article that shows a slightly different method for making these courtesy the whimsical wife.

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