Dahlia: An Alluring Three-Bedroom Apartment In Lagos For Short Stays

  • Project Name: Dahlia
  • Project Type: Hospitality
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Named after a vibrant blooming flower, this rentable three-bedroom apartment by Lagos-based hospitality company, Urban Pumpkin, exudes a similar charm and liveliness, embodying the essence of its floral namesake in every carefully designed detail.

Just like the Dahlia flower, this space waves at you and welcomes you into serenity and calmness. The choice of furniture, colours, textures and decor are clear evidences that Urban Pumpkin wanted this space to serve a destressing purpose.

Open living area in Dahlia.

Dahlia is a feminine given name and is also the name of a flowering plant in the Asteraceae family. The Dahlia flower is known for its vibrant and colorful blooms, and the name is sometimes chosen for individuals due to its association with beauty and elegance.

It is a sizeable three-bedroom apartment with an airy open living area and three distinctive bathrooms each with unique features of their own. The living area has two zones furnished according to function. The sitting area has two single boucle sofas facing a white, tuxedo-style two-seater sofa with a huge window behind it covered in full-length drapes. The seating layout is supported by two black side tables, an amorphous centre table, and an area rug to bring them all together.

Single boucle sofa and bold wall art.
Two seater sofa with two black side tables.

The dining area on the other hand, contains a six-seater glossy-top dining table set sitting atop a bright-coloured rectangular area rug. This area also has a big window with a similar daylight control system. Standing out within this space is a trio of minimal wall art in different colours.

The dining area in the 3 bedroom shortlet apartment
Another view of the dining area in the 3 bedroom shortlet apartment by Urban Pumpkin.

The bedrooms each have sizeable windows also covered in drapes, adequately sized beds with statement headboards and nightstands, reading desks, framed wall art, area rugs and clothing storage.

Tying all of these spaces together is the deliberate use of eye-catching vibrant colours in certain components like: the dining chairs, the throw pillows in the living area and the bedrooms, nightstands, table lamps, the flowers for decor and the framed wall art in the dining room.

One subtle yet impactful feature of these spaces is the use of dark shades to create contrast that balances out the brightness of most elements within the spaces. For example, the dark wood flooring, black side tables, dining table, and center table in the living area balanced out the bright-colored sofas, area rug, and drapes.

Dark side table and dark wood flooring.

Another example of this feature is the use of deep dark colours on some walls, pieces of furniture and area rugs in the bedrooms to balance out the white tiled floor, drapes, ceiling and bedding.

Dark nightstand, area rug, chair, and table.

Dahlia has a bit of sass and class incorporated through certain modern Victorian pieces such as the table lamps, nightstands, headboards, throw pillows, and chandeliers.

Modern Victorian style throw pillows.

Amidst all of the ornamental decisions made about this three-bedroom apartment, the use of space is commendable. This is seen in the use of a shelving unit for storage, to host the television units, and to subdivide the living area into the seating/entertainment area and the dining area. Also in one of the bedrooms, the working desk is neatly tucked into a nook that also hosts a ceiling anchored clothes hanger.

Tucked in desk area and ceiling-hosted hanger.

Some artsy elements worthy of mention include the bold wall art in the living area and the serpentine headboard in one of the bedroom that also incorporates a mirror.

The Dahlia apartment by Urban Pumpkin fuses serenity and vibrancy together, offering a spacious and inviting three-bedroom apartment. Thoughtful choices in furniture, colors, and textures create a calming atmosphere, emphasizing the intentional use of vibrant and dark tones for a well-balanced aesthetic. In summary, the Dahlia apartment is a harmonious blend of style and comfort, marked by its careful design choices and attention to detail.

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