Swinging: Inspiring Pivot Doors

The Pivot Door is a growing trend in contemporary design, most especially residential work as well as offices. They make a great option for an entry door to your home or place of work.

Now, you must understand, they aren’t simply regular swing doors that have been modified to pivot, Nope. To apply a pivoting mechanism to a typical swing door without catering to how it seals would simply make for a door that is hard to open. A Pivot door, however, is one able to rotate on two metal pivots at the top and bottom of the door allowing the door to be open out and in. They’re usually fitted with a concealed overhead closer which allows the door to be set open at different positions.

They usually come in much wider sizes when compared to the typical swing door, and as such offer a grander more attractive entry. They could be wood, metal, glass etc. Here are some really cool examples,

pivot-door_110216_01a-800x1200 pivot-door_110216_03-800x1198 pivot-door_110216_04-800x600 pivot-door_110216_05-800x1200 pivot-door_110216_06-800x1200 pivot-door_110216_10-800x1069

To see where we got these from as well a few more, check out contemporist.

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