Stunning Multifunctional Master Bedroom In Lagos By Mejona Interiors

From the comfortable sleeping area to the mini home office and entertainment area, this master bedroom was designed to be multifunctional.

Designed by Nigerian Interior designer, Mejona Interiors, this grey master bedroom in Lagos has a luxurious and timeless appeal. Given the large floor area of the bedroom, the designers successfully zoned the space into 3 functional areas to create a dynamic master bedroom. The multifunctional spaces include a sleeping area, a sizable home office and a comfortable lounge/entertainment area.

Stylish multifunctional master bedroom
A view of the master bedroom showing the 3 functional areas created by the designers.

The sleeping area features a modern and timeless tufted bed with a medium-height headboard. A matching tufted bed end is placed at the end of the bed. For lighting, the designers hung a pair of stylish pendant lights over the nightstands. The bed is styled with complimenting light grey and brown pillows and duvet, while the nightstands are styled with gold-finished accessories.

The bed sits over a large patterned rug. The colours of the rug contrast with the bed, while it compliments the light-coloured pillows and duvet.

Bed styled with light-coloured pillows and duvet.
Gold decor over the bed.

The lounge/entertainment area is spacious and stylish with generous sitting. The designers furnished the space with a large and comfortable grey sofa and a mustard yellow armchair. A set of nested coffee tables complete the look. The media unit is placed opposite the sofas.

A view of the media unit in the lounge/entertainment area.
A view of the grey two-seater sofa in the lounge/entertainment area.

For the home office, the designers were very practical. They introduced a sizable stylish work desk and a light brown comfy-looking executive chair. A dual-tone storage unit is placed beside the desk and chair. The location of the desk and chair is such that the mini home office receives sufficient natural light.

Practical home office in the master bedroom by Mejona Interiors.
Decorative detail on the desk of the home office.

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