Room Closet Design: Treat Those Clothes, Bags and Shoes with Style

It’s never a bad time to take care of your closet and give it a fresh makeover. Besides looking magnificent, your closet needs to serve its purpose by being a functional part of your home. If your closet is not well-organized and carefully planned to keep your clothes and accessories in good shape, then you should consider the following tips in order to make it better.

Show off your dresses

Dresses are the most vulnerable pieces of clothing, usually made from unsustainable materials, and they are almost always the most expensive pieces of clothing a woman can own. Thus, you should let them be seen, but be careful when choosing a way of showing them off. All dresses should have separate hangers and should be covered with protective plastic so that dust and humidity don’t ruin them. Keep them all together in an open-view corner so that you don’t have to think hard every time you have to choose a dress for a night out. A separate dress cabinet enables you to easily compare them and make choices a lot easier.

2. Taking your shoes to the top

By the top, we literary mean ceiling high. Using a part of your wall from the bottom to the top as a shoe cabinet might be the best space-saving idea. Keeping your shoes altogether at the bottom of the wardrobe can cause you a lot of trouble, but if you place them on wall shelves pair-by-pair, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. You can also arrange them by category (boots, sneakers, high-heels etc.). Don’t forget to add protective glass to keep your fine leather from going bad.

3. A special place for special bags

Just as your dresses and shoes need care, your bags require nothing less. If you are a bag fan, don’t forget to take special care of them. Place them in a separate cabinet, and never leave them hanging because handles and belts can easily get torn. Don’t leave them on the floor, and never keep them stored without protective covers or inside support. Instead, use your favorite clutch bags as décor pieces and lay them out by size or color, so that you can have them both organized and stylish.

4. Chic and useful baskets

If you’re having trouble placing all your belongings in a closet, there is a simple way to solve this problem. Using basket cases is the most practical solution. Baskets can take in a lot of rarely used pieces of clothing that you can easily take out once you decide to wear them. They can blend in easily with the rest of the furniture in your closet, and you can even make a stylish detail for them, by transforming them into an ottoman, for example.

5. Mirrors are essential

Every closet needs a mirror, and the more you have, the better. You are never going to make a good choice of clothing if the mirrors aren’t placed so that you get the best amount of light in your reflection. So, try placing your mirrors right under any light source, possibly the strongest one you have in your closet. Putting decorative lights around vanity mirror frames is also a fashionable and practical idea. You can play with reflections by placing mirrors against each other, so that you can see how you look from behind, too.

6. Light & art

Well-chosen lighting and artsy décor can make your closet more fabulous than any other. Lighting is important to help you get the most out of any look, because shadows can easily give you a wrong impression, especially when it comes to makeup vanities. Your light sources should be facing from above and up-front, or if you choose side-lights, make sure that they come from every direction in the same amount. Lights can also help you emphasize your art décor. You can choose a theme for your closet by putting boho chic elements like rugs, linen and poufs, or you can go with the classy Hollywood Regency style, or just stick to the minimalistic black & white high-contrast theme. These are the most trending themes this year.

Keep in mind that a well-organized closet is the most beautiful one. Depending on how spacious your closet is, you can either have separate cabinets for shoes, bags, and dresses, or if you have less space, try being more economical by installing higher shelves or other helpful wall elements. Keeping track of what you own and what you wear could help you place the things you don’t wear often in baskets and stack them away, or donate them to charity. Remember that your closet and everything in it reflects who you are, so make it look just as you would want everyone else to see you.

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