Industrial and Rustic: A Gallery of Decor Ideas Inspired by A Unique Aesthetic of Metal and Wood

From furniture to lighting to storage, industrial and rustic themed interiors are unique in their presentation and offer a great number of ways and avenue to reuse, reclaim or re-purpose a plethora of items that more often than not had little or nothing to do with what they end up creating.

Propellers become table stands, Pipes become shelving, heavy duty springs become bar stools and so on. Combining the hard, cold rigidity of industrial pieces with the texture and warmth of rustic wood and the like creates an enthralling contrast that instantly transforms a space. Here’s a great gallery of images courtesy Festim Toshi that sure to get your creative juices flowing for your next project.

industrial-and-rustic-2 industrial-and-rustic-3 industrial-and-rustic-4 industrial-and-rustic-5 industrial-and-rustic-6 industrial-and-rustic-7 industrial-and-rustic-8 industrial-and-rustic-9 industrial-and-rustic-10 industrial-and-rustic-11 industrial-and-rustic-12 industrial-and-rustic-13 industrial-and-rustic-14 industrial-and-rustic-15 industrial-and-rustic-16 industrial-and-rustic-17 industrial-and-rustic-18 industrial-and-rustic-19 industrial-and-rustic-20 industrial-and-rustic-21 industrial-and-rustic-22 industrial-and-rustic-23 industrial-and-rustic-24 industrial-and-rustic-25 industrial-and-rustic-26 industrial-and-rustic-27 industrial-and-rustic-28 industrial-and-rustic-29 industrial-and-rustic-30 industrial-and-rustic-31 industrial-and-rustic-32 industrial-and-rustic-33 industrial-and-rustic-34 industrial-and-rustic-35 industrial-and-rustic-36 industrial-and-rustic-37 industrial-and-rustic-38 industrial-and-rustic-39 industrial-and-rustic-40 industrial-and-rustic-41 industrial-and-rustic-42 industrial-and-rustic-43 industrial-and-rustic-44 industrial-and-rustic-45 industrial-and-rustic-46 industrial-and-rustic-47 industrial-and-rustic-48
industrial-and-rustic-50 industrial-and-rustic-51 industrial-and-rustic industrial-design-1

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