Five Trends Shaping the Future of Design in 2019

Design trends are always developing and updating, and following them closely is always a challenge. You need to be interested in a wide variety of topics in order to spot what’s hot and trendy at the moment and how to apply these innovations to your home when it’s time for renovating. Of course, you might not be able to make all your wishes come true, but you could at least work on some of them and turn a few of your ideas into reality. This way, you’ll take your home design to a whole new level and make your living space more enjoyable and welcoming than ever. So, if you too are renovating your home and looking for inspiration, here are five trends shaping the future of design in 2019.

1. Sustainable materials

With more people understanding the horrible shape our planet is in, it’s no surprise that the future of sustainable design is looking brighter than ever. People are getting interested in alternative techniques that might be helping Mother Earth quite a lot, and that’s why they’re investigating sustainable materials and building options.

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or just renovating it, you need to explore sustainable options that are cheap, reliable and easy to install. Some of them might be surprisingly good, so don’t be afraid to look into them before your new home improvement project.

2. Sustainable DIY furniture

Lots of people don’t like doing things on their own and being creative, but others love this and couldn’t think of a better way to pass their time. That’s why you can find new custom-build DIY pieces of furniture in every room of their homes, and this is definitely something that makes their living space unique and appealing.

Moreover, if you create these pieces from eco-friendly materials and second-hand resources, you’ll not only be unique, but also sustainable, thus saving Earth even more. Keep in mind that these pieces of furniture will make you feel more rooted than before, and that’s why you’ll probably see lots of these in different homes in 2019.

3. Home office

Having a home office is becoming a must in the modern world and if you’re handy and practical, this project is the perfect solution for you. Although it may seem like a lot of work, this project is actually quite easy and the design depends on your needs and wishes. People from Australia like adding small offices to their homes and see this upgrade as an amazing opportunity to run some tasks, pay bills and go through their work tasks. You’ll need to invest in and ergonomic furniture, which is why comfortable office chairs are the perfect choice for your new home office. Apart from that, think about adding a big desk, but be sure to pay attention to the type that’s perfect for you, and you’ll have the first two essentials all done and ready.

4. Open spaces

Being able to walk from one corner of your home to the next without walking through any doors gives you a feeling of freedom you just can’t put a price on. The open space concept has always been popular, but it’s been reaching new heights in the past couple of years, so don’t be surprised to see more and more open space layouts next year as well.

Achieving this level of freedom might be easier than most people think, and all you have to do is knock down a couple of walls, and you’ll be able to achieve the level of comfort and coziness you’ve always dreamed of. This concept will also get you closer to your family and help you spend more quality time together, and that’s something we all need in this day and age.

5. Eclectic design

Applying a single design to every room of your home is quite all right and probably the easiest way to go, but this could become rather boring after a while. That’s why more and more people go the other way and introduce an eclectic design into their home.

Blending several different designs into one will require a certain amount of work, but it’s all going to worth it in the end as your home will appear much more welcoming and comfortable. It’s also going to be easier for you to introduce further changes in the future and blend them in with your eclectic design – with so many colors and styles mixed together, you’ll be able to add new things more easily.

Exploring new design trends and keeping up with all these changes is never easy, but if you’re determined to create a unique home with lots of character, you’ll certainly be able to find a few trends you can explore.

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