Staircase Design by Atelier Riri for a home in Jakarta, Indonesia

Atelier Riri’s stair case design for the Lumbar shaped box house in Jakarta, Indonesia is much appreciated. Usually, stair cases have the boundary of their first flight ending where the boundary of the top flight ends. Of course, purposely designed to direct your movement in the direction of your flight. But  how about a stair case that not only does that, but also provides additional space for sitting without obstructing traffic, and additional space for decor like plants and other interesting ideas you may have. Atelier Riri extended the first flight below the top flight, then halfed some of the steps to provide the directional movement of the usual stair case design. The bottom flight is bounded on both sides with a glass panel that keeps you within boundaries, but also offers an opened no-rail look with a view on both sides; which I think is really interesting.

Aside from the brilliance of this idea, the use of different material in building the stair case creates an effortless contrast that grabs attention and interest. The lower steps had a polished concrete look, while the upper steps were finished with wood which also contrast with its black rails on one side and bounding polished concrete wall on the other.




































Via; Home Dsgn

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