Tangerine-Infused Contemporary Bedroom Design by Maison Consulting

A Tangerine-Infused Contemporary Bedroom Design by Maison Consulting

  • Designers: Maison Consulting
  • Project Title: Project Tangerine
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Maison Consulting, an architectural interior design and finishes firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, created a contemporary bedroom design in a recent project named “TANGERINE”.

The contemporary bedroom design reflects a skillful blend of bold aesthetics with luxury while maintaining an inviting and comfortable ambiance. The room combines a sleeping area and casual seating by a large window, letting in plenty of natural light. The window has dark drapes and blinds that allow for controlling the light. Also, a console setup positioned by the bathroom door adds an intriguing element to the room.

Tangerine-Infused Contemporary Bedroom Design by Maison Consulting

The color scheme of this contemporary bedroom design combines stimulating and harmonious elements in a balanced way. Tangerine accents are expertly incorporated into the décor and bedding, creating a seamless blend with a palette of white, brown, beige, and black. Maison Consulting introduced subtle gold accents to bestow a hint of luxury.

The focal point of the room is the sleeping area, featuring an upholstered bed frame flanked by two sizable nightstands designed with gold hardware, each hosting a gold table lamp. Above the bed, a landscape wall art piece hangs, while an off-white area rug defines the space beneath. The bedding consists of plain white sheets and a bordered duvet, complemented by pillows selected in striped patterns and colors that complement the room’s overall design.

Adjacent to the large window is a casual seating area, offering a cozy spot for relaxation. Two black and white striped single seats with metal frames create an inviting seating arrangement. Maison Consulting elevates the space by adding a champagne cork side table between the striped seats, imparting a touch of sophistication.

Champagne cork side table in Tangerine-Infused Contemporary Bedroom Design by Maison Consulting
Champagne side table.

The console setup by the bathroom door mimics the general theme of the space. It consists of a simple console table, an amorphous mirror and a pair of ottoman plush seats.

The room’s lighting design is minimalist and functional. It includes ceiling-recessed lights, warm concealed strips, and bedside lamps. These elements collectively contribute to a well-lit ambiance without overwhelming the room.

To complete the intended theme, various decor elements have been strategically placed throughout the room. These carefully chosen pieces showcase Maison Consulting’s keen eye for detail, bringing a sense of cohesion and purpose to the entire space.

Project TANGERINE showcases Maison Consulting’s commitment to designing cohesive living spaces. The contemporary bedroom design fulfilled the client’s needs while embodying luxurious living in a bold and refined manner. The chosen textures and color palettes promote visual and tactile exploration, turning the room into a stylish sanctuary.

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