The Parabol Table by Composition London

The Parabol Table designed by Composition London is a contemporary piece of elegant design and sinuous form.

Fabricated from thermo-formed Corian, the ‘wavy’ base is heated and pressed in a built up timber mould to create the unique shape, then trimmed on a cnc machine and finished by hand to give the crisp polished edges.

The oval glass top cut from 10mm low iron toughened glass with bevelled edges, and designed to respond to the 3 points that the glass bears onto. It is set atop this Corian base in a manner that makes it appear to float effortlessly. This is made possible by specially cut pads that are bonded to the Corian base. The pads are highly resilient flexible polyurethane based tape coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. It is transparent with a high coefficient of friction to grip the glass firmly whilst having excellent cushioning properties.

You can find out more about this elegant product here.





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