nea Studio’s Sun Calendar Shines Bright

Nina Edwards Anker, the founding director of the award-winning architectural design office nea studio, is always experimenting with light: how to harness it, how to magnify it, how it affects our moods, and how it records time and seasons.

In their newly released sun calendar, nea studio harnesses the sun to illuminate mirrored fragmented images of time and place. The Sun Calendar, made of a rectangular grid of square reflective photovoltaic panels, represents linear time by mirroring a fragmented image of whatever it is directly across from. It reflects cyclical time by representing the sun’s rhythms in the shape of its curve, where each panel faces the sun optimally according to the seasons.

Its pixelated appearance refers to the fragmented sense of time we experience in the digital world. In addition, the LED lights replay the daily movement of the sun after dark, underlining slow biological sun rhythms. The sun calendar is available on and

About Nina Edwards Anker:
As the founder and principal at nea studio, Nina brings many years of experience working on architecture and interior design projects that explore how design can uplift people’s lives. It’s Nina’s goal to guide and support each client throughout a creative design process to produce sustainable solutions that support wellbeing.

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