Fold In, Fold Out: Cubrick Storage Cabinet by Yard Sale Project

Cubrick is a fascinating piece of furniture designed by the UK-based Yard Sale Project, (a collaboration between industrial designer Cairn Young and cabinet maker Ian Spencer).

The Storage Cabinet is simple in shape and design but, literally, takes a turn for the seemingly complex when ‘operated’. Gently tugging on a pair of conspicuous silver handles reveals a world of storage that unfolds to meet your convenience. This mechanism is part of what YSP call the Chaos Technique. One of the pillars of their philosophy is “how to make items of furniture without using the traditional construction techniques that tend to force a limited array of design possibilities”. By using a “chaotic” construction technique Yard Sale Project has broken free of traditional boundaries whilst still retaining an understanding of how to work with wood. A technical appreciation of wood that is borne of the Arts & Crafts movement has been able to escape their sometimes overbearing attitude towards “truth to materials” and “honesty”. This rejection of tradition has crossed over into Yard Sale Project’s attitude to other materials [as well].

The made-to-order Cubrick comes in four sizes (as shown below) and a variety of finishes and colors, with the lowest-priced model starting at £4,698 (N 1.4 million) for the twelve-box unit in semi-matte, stretching up to £7,484 (N 2.3 million) for a variable-height 20-cube model. Obviously not for the financially prudent.


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