ERODED: A furniture series by Alessandro Isola

Alessandro Isola strikes again!!!. Remember the Torque Desk? Well, Mr.Isola has delivered yet another mind bending piece of work aptly named, “The Eroded Series”. This series is defined as
” a range of objects that have been inspired by the natural occurrence of erosion – where a solid material gets eaten by an exogenic process like wind or water flow.

The pieces are made using a combination of Solid and Panel Cork elements as well as Felt. Cork was selected for its sustainability and eco-friendly nature, and Felt, for its inherent durability.
One key feature of the design is the prominent “eating away” that forms pockets and crevices within the structure that can be used as some sort of storage for books, magazines and other everyday items.


The Eroded stools offer “an ergonomic seat and/or storage pocket” as a stand alone element or part of a modular configuration, suitable for a plethora of spaces and uses. Aside from the striking form the stool can also find character with different colours of felt to suite different moods and functions.


The Eroded table-console offers an array of versatile objects that can be arranged and positioned to create varying configurations that form a coffee table or console of some sort. This also carries the unique feature of “an eroded pocket” which can also serve as useful storage.

I don’t think i need to say how good this looks, i mean look at it!! Maybe the storage is limited, but, the form and emotion that it evokes is worth limited storage. Its a piece of art, its sculptural, meant so accentuate any space in which it is placed and still serve a practical function. Bravo.

stools / table-console

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