Discovering Oscar Maschera’s genuine leather furniture, home and office accessories.

I first came across this set of mirrors when I visited Alara stores during the 2017 Open House Lagos. I loved that they were made from genuine leather and came in the most elegant of shapes. I felt their beauty was effortless, nothing forced at all. My bias for anything genuine leather, it being one of my favourite materials, made falling in love instant.

First sight at Alara stores during the 2017 Open House Lagos.

While scrolling through Livin Spaces Instagram feed, I happened upon a set of leather storage baskets right up the alley of things I fall in love with it. This led me to the website of Oscar Maschera, where I saw even more of such leather products. Let’s just say I was on that website for a while, and in my exploration, I stumbled upon the mirror I saw months ago. Imagine my joy! I realized then why the leather baskets got me in the first place.

The basket I saw on instagram. I can’t remember the feed I saw it though.

What do I love about their products? The choice of material and their eccentric, yet simple design. Usually, everyday products like mirrors and baskets are made of other materials like wood and rattan, which are beautiful by the way; but the use of genuine leather, it’s warm colour and rich texture, made these stand out and unforgettable. They are sophisticated, timeless and very modern. The baskets are just as beautiful, their unique shape gives them an edgy look. For a beautifully textured space with a rich sense of style and elegance, these minimalist products would be a perfect addition. They are those pieces you fall in love with daily as they share your space with you.

Leather baskets

More leather baskets

Oscar Maschera Robin leather basket.
Oscar Maschera Robin leather baskets – variations.
Variations of Oscar Maschera Piero basket.

Leather boxes Mirrors




While this is how I feel about these products, you may feel the same or differently. I’d love to hear what you think. What do you think about using genuine leather to create unique home furniture and accessories? Which natural materials aside from wood do you think African designers or other international designers can explore in their home country. I personally think laminate has been very well flogged here in Nigeria, wood for me can never go out of style though. What do you think?


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