Nailicure is a boutique nail salon in Lagos, Nigeria, designed and fitted by Lagos-based architecture and interior design firm, Ocubed Designs. Looking chic, the space features a high contrast interior color scheme of soft blush pink and emerald green with gold accents.

The salon is divided into areas for manicure, pedicure and a mini reception. The manicure space is located directly beside the natural light source and features a large laminated white table with blush pink coloured high stools with gold framing. Extra lighting is added to the space with a linear pendant light, hanging from the drop-down ceiling, as well as a tripod floor lamp. The accent wall and the drop-down ceiling revealing the warm yellow lights are painted with a subtle pink colour.

The other half of the space shared by the pedicure area and mini reception embraces a bold look. Its colorful feature wall of dripping paint art (illustrative of nail polish) and rich colored emerald green sofa and stools, is a strong contrast to the more subtle blush pink manicure space.

Both spaces are brought together nicely with the use of alternating features and colors – the infusion of greenery in the manicure area, the pink chair at the reception and the gold accents used in both spaces. What would you say is your favorite feature in this space?

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