This Compact Home in Vietnam by 90odesign Celebrates Passive Solar Design Principles With Ventilation Bricks

Project Details

From one young family in modern life, after stressful working hours at the office, they want their home to be a place were full of warmth and relaxation. Where you can see the greenery, sunshine, cloud, and feel the cool breeze every day.

They want to take advantage of the free time in the evening to meet and talk with their children, play with them, and study with them. Therefore, when choosing a space layout solution, connectivity is a top priority for an architect.

The project is about 10km from the center of Ben Tre city, this project has a large area and a west-facing facade. With the above design criteria, the architect chose a one-story house plan, separating the living and resting areas by a courtyard in the middle of the house. This courtyard is a space to connect family members, has a flexible function, corner for working, exercising, and a children’s play area. Trees into the spaces also help to make the fresh air and cool temperature. 

The main entrance is facing north, accessed by a large lobby to avoid direct sunlight, this lobby is also a relaxing space for family members every evening. The natural ventilation system is arranged throughout the building with a two-layer wall solution: ventilation bricklayer and sliding glass door layer. This solution avoids harshness. They provide good ventilation and provide the necessary privacy for family life.

The work uses terracotta ventilation bricks, deep wood color on a white painted background, combining green areas, creating a modern feature mixed with a bit of rustic mixed with nature. These cold substances bring a feeling of warmth and relaxation to the family. When choosing a design solution, the architect wishes that no matter what space living in, family members can see each other and talk together, helping to make the family atmosphere cozier. It is also the most important “feeling” that the design team wants to bring to customers.

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