As a lover of simple geometry (with a bias towards triangles, bevels, and chamfers), this home in Belgium by Hulpia, grabbed my attention when I came across it recently. Its simple form, use of materials and prominent corner windows ticked all the right boxes for me. Its well laid out and not trying to be anything other than what it is, a modernist and exquisite country-side home.

Here’s the architects description,

In Aalter, Belgium, the Kiekens´s House rises from an impressive landscape to be constantly in the picture and function as the home to a married couple and their guests in a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. The villa is placed in the same position where the former warehouses were situated, in front of the street entrance. In this way, the path to reach the front door guides through the house, under the slanted roof in order to obtain an intimate welcome in contrast with the high scale of the house and trees.

kiekens House_05

The home is made up of two separated volumes characterized by its slanted roofs, opposed to the flat roof and terrain. On the one hand, the smaller volume accommodates the storage, access to the basement and the bureau. On the other hand, the biggest volume contains the entrance, the living room and, on the first floor, a loft/studio for visitors. An extra volume, smaller in scale and with a flat roof, connects both masses. The kitchen and dining room are situated between the two blocks facing the garden, while the bedroom and bathroom are hidden from the street to have more privacy.

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Black aluminium and afromosia wood is chosen for the connecting volumes, to give a warm feeling to the entrance and sleeping room. In order to blur the limits from outside to inside and perceive the feeling of living outside, the windows have the same height as the box. Brown long bricks and tiles on the roof are the chosen materials for the slanted volumes, this way there seems to be no difference between the walls and the roof. Three big windows stand out , like big eyes, to contemplate the landscape from the inside and give a strong personality to the house.

kiekens House_01 kiekens House_19 kiekens House_11 kiekens House_06 kiekens House_15 kiekens House_20  kiekens House_22 kiekens House_02 kiekens House_04 kiekens House_24 kiekens House_23 kiekens House_21 kiekens House_25 kiekens House_09 kiekens House_14 kiekens House_12 kiekens House_13 kiekens House_26 kiekens House_18 kiekens House_17


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