Living room in House D&L - an eclectic home decor project in South Africa

House Tour – Exploring The Eclectic Home Decor of House D&L In South Africa By Douglas & Douglas

This home for a family of four in South Africa blends colours, textures and patterns in a way that’s expressive and welcoming. Patterns on pattern, textures on texture, the layered home expresses freedom in style and living.

House D&L is a home decor project by South African interior and product designer, Douglas & Douglas. The home features an eclectic home decor that boldly layers textures, patterns and colours. An interesting blend of wooden and cane furniture, styled with objects of different textures and styles, is seen across the spaces in the home.

Living room

In the living room, a modern blue sectional sofa introduces a soothing and lively colour into the space. A duo of identical cane armchairs complements the sofa. The designers style the sofa and armchairs with different throw pillows of complementary colours and patterns.

The designers placed a pair of vintage cabinets behind the sectional. The cabinets match the wallpaper behind them while they contrast with the modern sectional sofa in style and mood. Decorative objects introduced into the space follow the same pattern as the cabinet, the sectional and the wallpaper. Though different, they complement other furnishings, while they contrast with others.

Indoor plants continue the outside experience inside. The view of the living room against the landscaped outdoor space is both warm and welcoming. The space looks vibrant like you have with eclectic home decor.

Dining Room

The dining room features an 8-seater wood dining table with a textured tabletop that has a continuous hexagon pattern carved into it. The designers used cane chairs in combination with a bench for the seating. The cane chair used features a monochrome polka dot upholstered seat with monochrome stripe fabric tied around its joints. On the other hand, the bench is upholstered with a contrasting multi-coloured diamond pattern fabric from Romo Fabrics.

A bold floral pattern covers the wall adjacent to the dining room. The combination of the mix-match of different patterned fabrics for the seating and the floral wallpaper on the wall is both bold and endearing. Consequently, there is a sense of diversity in the space that comes from the use of different textures, patterns and colours. An eclectic home decor indeed!

Guest Toilet

The designers take a lively approach to the guest toilet. A gentle blue wallpaper of different types of fish mimics life in an ocean and creates a dynamic experience. The dynamism is further elevated as the illuminated horizontal mirror reflects the wallpaper.

The subtle blue background of the wallpaper contrasts with the wood finish of the other walls, while the earthy colour of the fish matches it. The designers introduced other decorative and lifestyle objects to enhance the experience of using the space. The toilet is earthy, cosy and fun.

Outdoor Lounge

Just like the interior, the outdoor lounge explores diversity. The space features their Ananas three-seater & single-seaters in ‘Spice’ colourway. A blue and white pattern rug on the floor complements the Ananas seaters and other decorations in the lounge. The space is tropical and inviting. A view of the home interior shows how the diverse exploration of materials and style.

Guest Bedroom

A green wallpaper from Casadeco covers the wall behind the bed. The wicker bed contrast nicely with the patterned green wallpaper and adds warmth to the space. Just like in the other spaces, there is a welcoming mix-match of patterns in the use of the patterned wallpaper and the monochrome side table.

A modern geometric jute rug from Elitis France with black and white accent adds style to the bedroom. The rug softens the grey tiled floor and compliments the wicker bed and monochrome stripe side tables.

In conclusion, Douglas & Douglas explores spatial diversity in an interesting and refreshing way in House D&L. From combining the use of wood and cane furniture, to mix matching fabrics and decor objects of different colours and patterns, the home expresses freedom in design and living.

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