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About the RYG Mentorship Initiative

For we millennials, who have never lived through a pandemic, 2020 probably takes the award for “most dramatic year in our lives”. Although the coronavirus has affected us as a globe in major ways, staying at home has also sparked creativity in general and it’s evident in the increase in creative content traveling round the internet.

The pandemic has led to multi-dimensional approaches from different professionals to create measures to curb the spread and negative impacts of the virus in our everyday lives. RYGdesigns as a team understands the need to actively engage the younger generation in this fight through responsive designs hence, in a bid to help flatten the curve, the RYG MENTORSHIP INITIATIVE programme was born.


In light of this, participants are required to actively participate in creating viable interventions and contributions to this fight through design proposals that will include sketches, 2D and 3D drawings across two major categories:


Using a land size of 20m x 18m with an adjoining major access road, participants are tasked with coming up with creative design interventions that ensures basic combative measures such as hygiene and physical distancing are provided but still exhibit mental closeness that allows people to connect and heal. You are to provide for a user population based on land size which will also allow for scalability, participants are to pick one from the underlisted typologies;

a. Mobile testing center.
b. Relief distribution center.
c. Neighbourhood food market.
d. Mobile isolation and recovery center.
e. Place of Worship (e.g. Church).
f. Restaurant/Food court.
g. Public Park.

Product Design

In this category participants are required to come up with interesting concept proposals for cost effective product solutions that serves as a COVID response. Examples of design options include but are not limited to, design of a foot pedaled mechanism for a hand sanitizer dispenser, foot pedaled mechanism for opening a door, group seat design that prompts distancing but mental closeness, face masks/shields etc.

The intervention scheme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of all tertiary institutions in Nigeria (Architecture students and design enthusiasts included).

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