DIY Tiered Garden – Create a garden in a small space

We have a small porch at the entrance of our house where I plan to turn into a small garden. The space is small so I have been thinking of functional ways to optimize it with beautiful garden features. I just don’t want some flower pots arranged in a row by the railings. I need something rich, lively, personal and eclectic. Something memorable. Our little girls love flowers and are interested in gardening, so I was looking at something we could create together; you know, like our own personal project. I saw this Tiered garden below, and fell in love, and it sort of gave me some ideas I could start with. Our space is too small for this (though, I plan to create a mini-version for the porch), but this would work well for you if you have a sizeable yard. The other DIY planters will work very well in a smaller space like mine.

1. Layered wood box garden

This DIY tiered garden from Decor and the Dog will be perfect if you have a sizable yard. For a garden in small terrace or porch, you will have to scale it down to suit the size of your space. I especially love the idea of using wooden boxes as planters, I love the texture and feel it brings, and for a tree-less space like mine, a mini of this will be a welcomed consolation.


2. Tiered Ladder Garden

This ladder garden from Good Housekeeping would be perfect for a small space and as a feature in a large garden. I love the character and style a ladder planter brings. The structure of a ladder affords you the opportunity to arrange different sizes of flower pots on it, giving you a more diverse and varied look. Its a good way to create diversity in small garden.


Another ladder planter from Ana White.

ladder planter vertical diy008

3. Tiered flower pots

Okay, so this tiered flower pots from Good house Keeping is pretty much the easiest. No need for some carpentry work. All you need to get is a big flower pot and a small flower pot, then have the smaller one placed atop the bigger one, and you are ready for planting.


Another tiered flower pot from P & G Everyday,


Will keep you updated on the porch garden, here is hoping it will be fantastic.



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