The Otis Rack by Practiko is Reimagining Desk Reorganization.

After a successful Kickstarter launch, Practiko is on their way to bring Otis Rack to life. Otis Rack is a new type of desk organizer that provides quicker access and better segmentation for your things.

Drawers have long been the most popular item of desk organization. Their lack of compartmentalization, however, always leads to clutter. As the world goes paperless, smaller compartments may actually make much more sense, which is how Practiko invented Otis Rack.

Otis Rack is a desk organizer that provides better segmentation and faster access to your things. A system of adjustable trays can be configured to suit different needs. This makes it easier to organize, access, and find what you need.

Additionally, Otis Rack eliminates the need for desktop trays. This helps eliminate desktop clutter. OTIS Rack comes in two sizes, a smaller “Hanger” and a larger “Tower.” These can be used independently or combined in various ways. Otis Rack is gearing up for production after a successful Kickstarter campaign in June. It will be in stores by early 2022.

“Otis Rack completely reimagines how desk drawers should be. “

– Practiko Team

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