Alexandre Costa Lopes of Costalopes Architects Selected as Jury Member for Architecture Hunter Awards

Alexandre Costa Lopes, founder and principal architect at Costalopes Architects, has been appointed as a jury member for the Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA). The announcement came via Lopes’ Instagram page, where he expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity.

In his Instagram post, Lopes stated, “I’m thrilled to have received the invitation to join the jury for the @architecture_hunter Awards. It’s an honor to share this space with individuals whose work I’ve long respected and to bring the perspective of @costalopes_architects to the table. Eagerly anticipating the diverse and inspiring architectural works and photography from talents worldwide.”

Alexandre Costa Lopes, Jury Member for Architecture Hunter Awards.

The Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA) is a manifestation of passion for architecture and its transformative power on urban landscapes and human experiences. With Lopes’ inclusion as a jury member, the AHA promises to offer a comprehensive and inclusive evaluation of architectural works and photography from around the world.

The invitation extended to Alexandre Costa Lopes underscores his significant contributions to the field of architecture and design. As a respected figure within the industry, Lopes’ expertise and perspective will undoubtedly enrich the judging process, ensuring that the Architecture Hunter Awards continues to uphold its reputation for celebrating outstanding architectural innovation and creativity.

Alexandre Costa Lopes, Jury Member for Architecture Hunter Awards.

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