Striking Images of Contemporary Beachfront House By Nigerian Firm UCA Unveiled

Urban & Contemporary Architects (UCA), a Nigerian architectural firm, has revealed rendered images of their latest project, ODDI – a stunning contemporary beachfront house. These images, rendered by Mahsina Karaminezhad, showcase a modern yet traditional approach to coastal living.

Described as a sanctuary for a small family of four, ODDI draws inspiration from the timeless design principles of traditional waterfront houses. Elevated on stilts, the structure pays homage to its historical predecessors while offering practical benefits. By lifting the building above ground level, UCA ensures resilience against coastal flooding.

Rendered image of contemporary beach house designed by UCA

This contemporary beachfront house design not only serves a functional purpose but also creates a visually striking effect, lending the building a seemingly floating appearance, while offering expansive views of the ocean from the upper-floor living areas.

Additionally, clever design elements such as large cantilevers and screen bricks mitigate the sun’s impact on the southern facade, enhancing comfort and sustainability. The integration of screen bricks, ascending across two levels, further shapes the building’s identity and texture, blending functionality with architectural expression.

As UCA continues to push boundaries in contemporary design, this contemporary beachfront house design stands as a testament to their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and harmonious living with the natural environment.

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