SAOTA’s Upper Albert Project Earns CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award

SAOTA‘s Upper Albert Project has been recognized with the CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award. This project, located on a steep corner site, has been skillfully transformed into a family home characterized by a distinct fusion of personal expression and architectural innovation.

Philip Olmesdahl‘s role as both the architect and homeowner provided a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional design. He seamlessly integrated his accumulated wisdom from designing numerous houses with SAOTA over the years, with an element of whimsy and experimentation. This innovative approach is a notable characteristic of the Upper Albert Project.

Upper Albert Project by Saota.

The project encompasses five bedrooms, along with rental apartments, and offers a striking city view. Olmesdahl’s design successfully reconciles a design aesthetic that explores materiality and heritage while embracing bold aesthetics. It is a compelling response to the evolving urban context of the city, making a substantial and innovative contribution to the suburban landscape.

The CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award acknowledges the project’s architectural excellence and its unique ability to blend practicality with creative design in a dynamic urban environment.

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