Craft of Architecture Redefines Luxury Later-Living with Rimaal Village in Dubai

Craft of Architecture (COA), a group of visionary architectural designers dedicated to defining the future through innovative environments, has recently unveiled their latest masterpiece: Rimaal Village in Dubai. In collaboration with Avida, a pioneering developer, COA has crafted a first-of-its-kind luxury later-living development that challenges the conventional approach to real estate and redefines the concept of lifestyle in the later years.

Rimaal Village, recently launched at Bvlgari Yacht Club in Dubai, stands as a landmark project featuring 150 apartments and 50 villas surrounding a spectacular village center. This development goes beyond the ordinary, emphasizing a lifestyle-centric approach and offering a wide array of high-end amenities in a tranquil, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. In an exclusive interview with COA, the founding partners shed light on the concepts and design choices that went into creating this groundbreaking project.

Rimaal Village By Craft Of Architecture

Avida’s decision to partner with COA was rooted in the latter’s strong background in prestigious later-living projects. COA’s ability to understand the challenges and infuse creativity, innovation, and expertise into this unique project resonated with Avida’s vision for a lifestyle-focused development, the first of its kind in the UAE. Avida’s vision for Rimaal Village transcends traditional real estate. They aimed to create something unprecedented, challenging perceptions of aging and reshaping approaches to life in later years. The project revolves around Avida’s four defining lifestyle pillars: Community, Living, Wellness & Wealth.

Crafting a one-of-a-kind narrative for the Avida brand posed a challenge that COA gladly accepted. The design process involved a meticulous exploration of location, local history, and culture, which was then examined from a global perspective to create a comprehensive and captivating narrative.

Rimaal Village By Craft Of Architecture

Rimaal Village boasts a distinctive urban planning approach, featuring 150 apartments, 50 villas, lush gardens, sport facilities, and a spacious Village Centre. The 8000 sq. metre Village Centre offers a luxurious experience with facilities like a boutique shopping center, state-of-the-art offices, a library, a cinema, a spa, and various dining options, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

From master planning principles to intricate handrail details, every aspect of Rimaal Village’s design has been carefully considered. The master plan promotes community interaction through various neighborhoods and clusters, interconnected by open and covered pathways, providing easy access to all parts of the development.

Rimaal Village By Craft Of Architecture

COA prioritized sustainability by selecting diverse marbles and stones to convey a layered narrative. Natural lighting is maximized, and indoor air quality is ensured through low VOC materials, proper ventilation, and optional air purification systems. Outdoor spaces feature patios, decks, and gardens to enhance residents’ connection with nature.

Rimaal Village was officially launched on November 16th at Bvlgari Yacht Club in Dubai. The launch event was a celebration of creativity, architecture, sustainability, lifestyle, and heritage. Collaborators, including Avida and COA, gathered for an elegant evening featuring fabulous food, fine art, live music, and presentations showcasing the groundbreaking ideas behind Rimaal Village.

Rimaal Village By Craft Of Architecture

“The launch has been fantastic, with so many like-minded people here, bringing excellence and innovation together in a single project. It has been a pleasure to work closely with Avida. Shifting the narrative away from real estate and focusing on a lifestyle project will bring incredible value to residents.”

John van Wyk | Founding partner and director at COA

Rimaal Village by Avida, designed by Craft of Architecture, marks a new chapter in later living. With its community-centric design, emphasis on wellness, and commitment to redefining aging, Rimaal Village stands as a testament to the power of innovative architecture in shaping the future of luxury living.

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