Olangama Community Hub by Local Works Uganada - A modern school building depicted in a digital illustration.

Discover the Inspiring Olangama Community Hub: A Beacon of Sustainable Design

Localworks has designed the Olangama Community Hub, a comprehensive project commissioned by Fight For The Forgotten to support the Batwa community and locals in Karambi.

The masterplan includes a Community Gathering Space, Health Centre (level II, aiming to level III), Primary School, Staff Housing, and essential infrastructure. The architectural concept for the Community and Health Centre emphasizes the use of natural and local materials such as eucalyptus and local stone, ensuring durability and sustainability.

A hillside house with people walking around it, showcasing a serene and picturesque setting.
A modern school building depicted in a digital illustration.
A rendering of the new building at the new school, showcasing its modern architecture and spacious design.
A room with a colorful mural on the wall..
A building with people sitting on benches outside, enjoying the sunny day.
A group of people walking down a dirt road near a house on a sunny day.

The buildings will also feature EcoPrefab wall panels, comprising timber frames with lime and papyrus infill blocks finished with earth plaster. This approach not only promotes environmental responsibility but also integrates traditional building techniques with modern design principles. The Olangama Community Hub exemplifies Localworks’ commitment to creating sustainable, functional, and culturally sensitive spaces that serve the community’s needs.

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