A modern living room with white furniture and a flat screen TV.

Curves and Arches Define Beige Living Room In Ghanaian Home by Amporfro Interiors

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Amporfro Interiors, an interior design firm in Ghana, meticulously fashioned a beige living room that features curves and arches in different elements of its design. The space is finished with a monochrome color scheme subtly complemented by dark-shaded wood elements, such as the TV console and various shelving units.

What truly distinguishes this living room is the extensive use of curves and arches, seamlessly integrated into embedded storages, hallways, and furniture pieces. These architectural features not only infuse the space with fluidity and softness but also establish an inviting and dynamic atmosphere.

A modern living room with white furniture and a flat screen TV.
A white table and a single chair in a beige living room.
Image showing the curves and arches in this beige living room.
A white hallway with a large arched doorway leading to a bright room.

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