Daffonchio Architects Share Their Innovative Entry for Waterford Beerhall Competition in Stellenbosch

South African architecture firm, Daffonchio Architects, recently shared their design entry for the Waterford Beerhall Competition, set against the picturesque backdrop of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. The firm showcased their creative process on Instagram, offering glimpses into the evolution of their concept through sketches, schematic drawings, and striking 3D renders.

The competition challenged participants to conceptualize a microbrewery and beerhall that not only showcases the beer brewing process but also provides a delightful space for visitors to savor various brews. Daffonchio Architects took a phenomenological approach, drawing inspiration from the site’s dominant elements—mountains, trees, water, and earth—to enhance the character of the location.

In an effort to seamlessly integrate the structure with its natural surroundings, Daffonchio Architects manipulated material textures and incorporated site-inspired elements. They proposed for the structure to have a prominently angled roof crafted from off-shutter concrete and supported by thoughtfully arranged slanted steel columns. Internally, the design features a harmonious blend of public and private spaces, with the bar and microbrewery serving as distinct focal points.

In a nutshell, Daffonchio Architects’ design for the Waterford Beerhall Competition in Stellenbosch strikes a great balance between raw and refined elements. The thoughtful approach to materials and space promises a unique experience. Best of luck to the architects, and we eagerly await the results.

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