Our Visit to the First Ever African Alliance For New Design (AAND) Architecture Exhibition

As part of just concluded 3-day Open House Lagos Event, The African Alliance for New Design (AAND) (which is a collective of designers looking to establish a new wave of African Modernism) hosted an architecture exhibition showcasing the work of three vibrant and young architecture practices based in Lagos – CMD+AMOE+ Art Architecture and SI.SA

The exhibition which held on Sunday, 1st of May at ‘A Whitespace Lagos’, had on display some of the most inspiring, indigenous work from the 3 firms. From atypical residential and commercial projects, to intriguing conceptual proposals, there was lots to see, learn and soak in.

Thankfully the exhibition continues through this week till Friday, so if you didn’t have a chance this past Sunday, you should definitely pay and visit and draw some inspiration from what this group of young Nigerian architects are creating.

The African Alliance for New Design (AAND) is a collective of designers looking to establish a fresh wave of African modernism. The collective aims is to push a new design ethos through various design lead commercial practices as well as extensive engagement with students and academia.


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IMG_20160501_172548 IMG_20160501_173329


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