Conference room with red partitions and chairs, ideal for meetings and presentations.

This Workspace Design By Acre Studios Features Bold Colours And Eclectic Patterns

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Acre Studio‘s latest project is the headquarters for renowned South African restaurant, Nando’s. This workspace design, under the creative direction of Tracy Lynch, showcases bold colors and eclectic patterns, celebrating local talent.

Every element within the space was locally conceived and crafted, highlighting the collaborative efforts with dedicated suppliers. The open layouts feature various seating clusters for different functions, from long shared tables to semi-private meeting areas.

A row of tables and chairs in an open workspace with semi private meeting areas.

The afro outlook of Nando’s restaurant outlets is mirrored in this workspace design, visible in components like light fittings. The vibrant color theme, pops of color, and diverse wood treatments for walls and floors add to the dynamic ambiance. This workspace design offers a refreshing departure from the ordinary, making it an exceptional and inspiring environment for Nando’s headquarters.

Semi-private meeting area,
Conference room with red room partitions and chairs, ideal for meetings and presentations.
Bold black and orange pattern on a green wall, creating a modern and stylish look.
A round table with single chairs and a booth seat picture of a person in the open office area.
Image of conference room with blue chairs and wall painting.
View of a conference room with a sizable table and multiple chairs.

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