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The New Karama Model Village in Rwanda is Providing Free Housing for 240 Families

As reported by Rwandan News platform KT Press, the Karama Model village is multi million dollar development built by the Rwandan government to host over 240 vulnerable families and those formerly living in high-risk zones.

The “One-Stop-Center” village, was inaugurated by President Paul Kagame on earlier this month, and features 4-story residential blocks housing 120 two bedroom homes, and one bedroom homes as well as a suite of amenities including a modern market, an Early Childhood Development Center, water and electricity connectivity, and a health post and more.

The two-bedroom house is valued at over Rwf 25 million (a little over N9.8 million), while the one bedroom house is valued at Rwf19 million (approximately N7.5 million) – all provided to beneficiaries free of charge.

“I am excited. I never lived in a house with electricity. This is strange. We thank the government for unmatched support and generosity accorded to us.“The real fruits of liberation have finally knocked at our doors. Despite my age, i see this village as home to my children for many years to come.”

Susane Mukamuhashyi, 57 year old resident speaking with KT Press
Mukamuhashyi enjoys a cooking stove in the kitchen section of her new house.

The village is accessed via the recently completed 7.8km Ruliba-Karama-Nyamirambo navigable road, which meanders through the hilly Kigali sector, provides to users a breath-taking view of the capital Kigali and its neighbouring Runda and Kanyinya sectors.

The Karama model village also hosts a secondary school with modern ICT facilities as well as laboratories for Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology to provide further education to children graduating from primary school. Sports facilities including a Basketball and volleyball courts were put in place as part of recreational facilities to help students explore their talents.

To connect the village to internet, a fibre optic internet is being rolled out from the first point of the 7.8km road.

Beneficiaries were given all home materials including beds and mattresses .
Toilet section inside one of the houses.
A green house. Part of the projects at Karama village include horticulture activities that will help provide balanced diet to beneficiaries.
Water tanks at the village.
A water pumping house has been established at the village to provide constant water to the village.
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