Register to Participate in the Great Green Wall Single Stage Student Ideas Competition

The International Union of Architects (UIA) has launched the Great Green Wall single stage student ideas competition open to all students in architecture of the world.

The objective of the competition is to spotlight innovative design ideas for providing simplified affordable housing within the 8000 km long, 16 km wide living region stretching across the Sahel-Savanah desert region from Dakar to Djibouti known as the Great Green Wall (GGW).

This competition was initiated by the UIA’s Region V to engage the global community of architecture students in the effort to harness the benefits of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to architecture in the service of the GGW. In conjunction with the long-term aims of the Initiative, architecture students are encouraged to harness the benefits of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to respond to the realities of climate change by creating affordable, resilient dwellings and sustainable, rural livability while sustainably rejuvenating the cultural and historical landscape.

This competition, conducted according to the UNESCO Standard Regulations for International Competitions and the UIA best practice recommendations, is approved by the UIA.

Key Dates:

Competition Launch: 18 April 2022
Deadline for Registration: 20 August 2022
Submission of Entries: 20 – 30 September 2022
Announcement of Competition Results: 24 October 2022


Students in Schools of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


  1. 1st prize: 5000 Euros and a certificate
  2. 2nd prize: 4000 Euros and a certificate
  3. 3rd prize: 3000 Euros and a certificate
  4. 4th prize: 2000 Euros and a certificate
  5. 5th prize: 1000 Euros and a certificate

Jury Members:

  1. Gaetan Siew (Mauritius), architect, jury president
  2. Daniel Balo (Hungary), architect, UIA recommended juror
  3. Helena Sandman (Finland), architect
  4. Francisco Rodriguez-Suarez (USA), Professor of Architecture, University of Illinois
  5. Zhang Yue (China) Professor of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Alternate Juror:

Alba Alsina-Maqueda, (Spain) architect

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