Egypt to construct over 40,000 housing units at New Administrative Capital along with the world’s largest park

As reported by Construction Review, the government of Egypt is set to construct over 40,000 housing units in the new administrative capital by the end of June 2020.

The project is being implemented by the country’s Ministry of Housing and is divided into eight neighborhoods, including villas, and mixed housing in the third district, Capital Residence.


It will include the construction of over 23,000 housing units, 950 villas and 2,000 mixed housing units in the third district, Capital Residence while the fifth district, the New Garden City with an area of ​​about 1,000 acres (over 4 million sqm), will have another 23,000 housing units consisting of residential apartments and villas, in addition to an area of ​​residential towers with mixed use in the lower floors with about 2,000 housing units and two hotels.

Master plan of the New Garden City (source)
Renders of mixed use developments within the New Garden City (Source)

The Ministry of housing also plans to complete the first phase of a water treatment plant, five international schools, a restaurant complex and a mosque, as well as the government district and the investment zone for the New Administrative Capital.

Renders of High Rise Developments within the New Garden City (Source)

World’s Largest Park

Also scheduled for completion, is the implementation of the central gardens project at the “Capital Park” which is more than than 10 kilometers long and has an area of more than 1,000 acres, making it one of the largest parks around the world.

Render of the planned Capital Park

The park will also serve as a catalyst for encouraging a healthy life, in accordance with global rates including environmental value, green spaces, and areas for physical activities and recreation.

“The central park of the New Administrative Capital will provide greater opportunity for community interaction between the capital’s residents and other residents in its wider scope, and is park is expected to host more than two million visitors annually,”

Essam al-Gazzar, Egyptian Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities
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