AN ORIGAMI INSPIRED FACADE: The Sepehr Apartments in Tehran by TDC Office

Facades, more often than not, tend to be mere superficial, 2-dimensional shells that ‘mask’ a building. This residence designed by TDC Office in Iran, seeks to change that.

The facade for their Sepehr Apartment Building is inspired by the age old art of paper folding – origami. It offers a creative and engaging form that is carried through to the interior ceiling of the the apartments. Aside from the aesthetics of the form, the facade also provides shade and space for large terraces at the front of each of the apartments, via wooden slats that also double as railings to some extent.


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Name : Sepehr Residential Building
Location : Tehran , Iran
Architects: Reza Sayadian + Sara Kalantary (TDCoffice)The dynamic continuous office

Design team: Arian Espirdonof- Hamidreza Razmaria
Presentation: Ladan Pakzad- Sepideh Barazesh- Shiva Tabar

Client: Moj group
Design/Construction date: 2009/2012

Photography: TDCoffice

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