The Golden Brazzaville Sports Stadium in The Republic of Congo by PTW

With the All Africa Games coming up late next year in The Republic of Congo, Australian architecture and design firm PTW Architects have unveiled their $500 m Golden Stadium design to be sited in Brazzaville by late 2015.

The World Class Sports Stadium will seat 60 000 spectators (double the capacity our beloved Akwa Ibom Stadium) along with a suite of ecological features. Neighbouring developments around the stadium will include a 10 000 seat indoor stadium, a 2000 seat aquatics center as well as ancillary facilities amongst other outdoor venues.

The wealth of experience PTW brings to this development is invaluable (they were involved in the design and construction of Beijing’s Watercube for the 2008 Olympics), and there’s no doubt that they will deliver yet another globally recognisable venue, which will, as intended, improve the image and brand of the city’s buildings and architecture.

Inspired by the “sun’s rays“, the “Gallant Gold Design” is intended to be “a symbolic interpretation of the longevity of the games and the excitement and colour that competition brings to the African Countries participating in the event

The surrounding master plan makes use of  water and natural vegetation features to express traditional African Culture. You would find such expressions in the forecourt of the various venues on the plan helping to create a sense of place and identity celebrating the 50 year heritage of the African Games that befittingly kicked off in Brazzaville back in 1965.

With 53 nations participating, this venue is sure to be a highlight of the 16 day event.

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