Meet Stephen Ajadi at the 2018 Dance Gathering

Meet Stephen Ajadi, founder and director of ACID and Lagos-based architecture design studio New Map, at the final weekend of the 2018 Dance Gathering (DG 2018). The architect will be “interrogating body as memory through the language of space and the forces that mediate within it”. The Dance Gathering which started on the 12th of February has dedicated it’s first week to workshops and master classes facilitated by their co-curators and other guests. The forthcoming second week offers a laboratory “where all the participants group themselves in various ateliers, to experiment together, exchange creative processes and patterns, to dive deeper into pertinent questions of innovation, as it pertains to their practices, while they develop new collaborative works that engage the creative energy of Lagos”.

The final weekend of the dance gathering, taking place from the 24th to the 25th of February at Broad Street, Lagos, will be a performance festival. All the findings and outcomes from the previous weeks will be shared with a larger Lagos and international audience. It will be a “clustering of energy, art, and innovation”. Entry is free.


About Stephen Ajadi

Stephen Ajadi is the founding director of the African Collaborative institute of Design (ACID). He is an award-winning architect, artist and writer with projects and publications around the world. Amongst others; he won the FESA School Prize for the most outstanding architecture in 2010, the Yakubu Gowon National Prize for writing in 2011 and a Norman Foster RIBA honorary mention in 2013. He is also a 2015 Commonwealth Alumni. He holds a BTech Degree in Architecture as well as three professional certifications. Post graduate education include a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, a Masters in Architecture from the University of Lagos, and a Master of Design from Cranfield University in the UK— all with distinctions. He has taught and practiced architecture and design at a number of academic levels. He is credited with developing the first template for benchmarking circular economy in Sub Saharan buildings. His work pivots around Design, Architecture,Development Planning, Internal Displacement, and Circular Economy. He has been a visiting consultant and collaborator to many individuals/organisations which include ETH Zurich, MIT, Yale, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, Tesco (UK), BREEAM (UK), BAM Construction (UK), Delta Development (USA & Netherlands), Turntoo (Netherlands), Ouroboros (Denmark & Norway), The Heinrch Böll Foundation (Nigeria, Germany), Nsibidi Institute (Nigeria), PatrickWaheed Design Consultancy (Nigeria), The London Waste and Recycling Company and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (UK). He is currently an Institut Francais de recherche en Afrique Fellow (Paris &Nigeria).

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