A Beach House Art Competition For Art Students and Young Professionals

Competition alert for art students and young professionals.

This art competition asks for (art) students and young professionals to submit a mural design concept for the focal wall of beach house at Ilashe, Lagos. The winning entry will occupy the designated wall in the house permanently.

There is not theme for this project, however, art work should be abstract and not literal. The design is expected to explore imaginative and aesthetic possibilities while being contextually aware and maintaining personal and creative flair.

Registration opened on this past Tuesday (10th October 2017) and will draw to a close on 31st October 2017.

Competitors are required to register their intention by:
1. Following @cmdesign_atelier on Instagram
2. Sending an email to contact@cmdesign-atelier.com with a portfolio work

On approval of the above, competitors will then receive more information about the project. All concept submissions must be received no later than 14th November 2017 with the final award and execution of the winning mural concept scheduled for completion before 11th December 2017.

The winner will be paid for creative concept and execution costs.
Good Luck.

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