Heritage Place, Ikoyi by Capita Symonds in Collaboration with ECAD Architects

With increasing foreign investments coming into the country, there’s an increasing demand for top notch office space, as a result, property developers are in a frenzy with office building popping up left, right and center.

Enter, Heritage place. Designed by Capita Symonds in the UK and touted as “a world class development” this 14 storey (proposed) eco-friendly structure is currently under construction at the crossroads of Lugard Avenue and Kingsway Road, in Ikoyi. It is poised to be the first environmentally certified commercial building in the city with LEED certification or higher said to be in the works.

Some of the few elements that attempt to justify this title include, the facade design which incorporates wall insulation and double glazing as well as planned low energy consumption within the structure to reduce operational costs. (I personally would have loved to see more features like rainwater harvesting and flood mitigation measures on site, especially in the water challenged Ikoyi area, but its a start nonetheless)

Going inside, we have the top 8 floors as lettable office spaces while the 5 lower floors offer (and i’m very glad about this) ONSITE CAR PARKING for up to 390 CARS. (Thats a big plus in my book). The ground floor features a double volume reception lobby with meeting rooms, a cafe and dining areas.

Another feature that is not common place in mid and high rise design in these parts, is the Raised floor. Usually you find only suspended ceilings, but, Heritage place offers both features, to allow for the maximum amount of flexibility for tenants when planning, couple that with divisible floor plan of each floor, which maximises revenue for the landlords and you just might have a winning formula.

Heritage place wants to be a new benchmark for office accommodation in the country. It wants to be “Lagos’ most recognisable and accessible building“. It seeks to raise the bar some, by being modern and contemporary and promote environmentally-aware business. So judging by its snazzy features, eco friendly approach, sensible design and prestigious address, its not far off the mark.


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