The New Raw

The ‘Print Your City’ campaign turns plastic waste in cities into 3D-printed furniture

Print Your City! is a campaign which uses large scale 3D printing to transform the plastic waste of cities into meaningful applications for the built environment.

The initiative is the brainchild of Rotterdam based The New Raw, a design studio and research lab aiming to rethink the way we understand and use materials. The long term goal is to make cities and economies more circular eliminating waste and encouraging recycling and reuse.

Print Your City — Amsterdam

The Print Your City! campaign kicked off in Amsterdam where it produced a two seater bench dubbed XXX. The bench is made from the same amount of plastic waste generated by an Amsterdam resident every year. The Design has a fun rolling aesthetic that is part street furniture part playground.

Print Your City — Thessaloniki / Zero Waste Lab

The campaign expanded to Thessaloniki, Greece with the Zero Waste Lab. This project invites citizens to bring their plastic household waste into the lab, design their own custom street furniture, and 3D-print it with the help of a robotic arm as well as on-site recycling facilities.

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