Kasita: A plug and play housing prototype

[dropcap size=big]D[/dropcap]escribed as the “iPhone for housing”, Kasita is a prefabricated, modular, mobile, plug and play housing unit that covers a little over 30 sqm. The innovative prototype is touted as “an exceptional small home that contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.” seeking to provide affordable housing units that are fully outfitted with a queen-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, fridge/freezer, cooktop, and convection microwave oven. They’re also seamlessly integrated with technology that improves your quality of life, including personalized light and temperature settings, built-in speakers, and a video-enabled doorbell. 

In a video walkthrough with fair companies, the CEO of Kasita, Professor Jeff Wilson mentioned his inspiration for the design of the unit as a need to shed our preconceptions of housing as dependent on land and instead consider his plug-and-play shelter.


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